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Becoming the Ultimate ~ Happy, Horny and Healthy Man ~

What happens when a woman isn’t in the mood for sex? NOTHING! Let’s face it, most women are in tune with their feelings and believe it or not, sex actually starts in the brain when testosterone—the hormone of desire—latches onto brain receptors making us feel rather randy! So what happens when a man isn’t in the mood? Come on, really?! The fact remains that although most men prior to the tender age of 30 are almost always in the mood (shwing) this eventually changes as their testosterone levels start to decline and “Not tonight honey I have a headache” becomes more and more the norm.

Whether we like it or not, hormone levels change and with that, relationships and lives can start to change. Men become irritable, grumpy, experience mood swings, lose muscle, gain fat, have memory problems, have memory problems (that repeat was a joke), have trouble sleeping and yes, lose their ability to both get and keep an erection (ED). As mentioned, their libido also wanes (due to insufficient testosterone in the brain), which can easily become a serious problem in any relationship, as a healthy sex life can deepen any relationship. Aside from lost libido is the fact that men lose their drive or their zest for life! One of the reasons for this is because healthy testosterone levels are need to increase the get-up-and-go neurochemical, dopamine. People who have low dopamine are very rarely happy with their present state and are constantly seeking more.

Testosterone obviously affects a lot more than our need for sex and our ability to have it! The truth is, affects every area of a man’s – right down to his ability to feel like a winner. Researchers from Syracuse University in New York discovered that testosterone levels rise right before a challenge, as if testosterone automatically increases when men face competition. The researchers also found that once the competition is over, testosterone levels rise in winners and declines in losers. However it is of utmost importance for a man to boost his mood before experiencing an increase in testosterone, so getting that winning attitude in motion is a must-have.

Too many men remain unwilling to admit they might be suffering from loss of testosterone or what I call, the Beer Belly Blues, because they see it as a great threat to their masculinity. They’re especially horrified at having to reveal that they’re suffering from erectile dysfunction, which is among the most common symptoms of the Beer Belly Blues. Testosterone decreases one percent every year from age thirty. From the age of 40 to 49, numerous men suffer from it and by age 50, one in two males have it. It is not a sudden condition that men just wake up with, but something that slowly creeps up on them for years, which is why prevention of its symptoms become more and more important starting in a man’s late 20’s to early 30’s.

You may not want to picture a life without adequate testosterone, however the good news is there are natural ways to achieve a healthy youthful amount of testosterone. Here are my top 5 effective strategies:

1)    Try natural ingredient mixes like chrysin, indole-3-carbinol, stinging nettle root and Tongkat ali (which can be found in Ultimate Male Energy and Ultimate Libido).

2)     Perform high intensity and short duration workouts like sprinting intervals and compound exercises like bench press and squats two – three times each week.

3)    Eat clean and avoid processed foods and foods that contain excess sugar, which will drive your testosterone down faster than you can say, “What the!!!”

4)    Embrace healthy fats like grass fed ghee and butter, organic free range egg yolks and coconut oil, as these support optimal testosterone production (which comes from cholesterol).

5)    Avoid excess stress, as stress hormones are created along the same biochemical pathway as testosterone and will always win out in the end.

So there you have it, a brief what-to-do and what-not-to-do in order to become the Ultimate Happy, Horny and Healthy Male!

Yours in Abundant Health,

Brad King, MS, MFS





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