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90+ How I Got There!

90+ How I Got There!

By Gifford-Jones, MD

How is such a busy, professional, well-travelled doctor and writer able to extol great advice at 90+? By leading a healthful, intentional life, and by applying his knowledge and commonsense approach – gained from years of research — to his own daily routines. Journey with Ken (aka Dr. Gifford-Jones) as he discusses in a frank and meaningful manner the “do’s and don’ts” of reaching the age of wisdom.

All of Gifford-Jones’ advice can be read weekly in any number of daily papers coast to coast in Canada. He can also be seen giving lectures and advice in Health Food Stores and Health Shows throughout the country. Among his great advice, he writes of the many unsung health benefits of high doses of vitamin C and lysine and how it’s helped to keep him healthy following his heart attack 16 years ago — and how it and other tips can help you, too, reach 90+!

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