About Preferred Nutrition

The Preferred Nutrition brand, as part of Assured Natural Distribution, encompasses products from Ultimate & Ultimate Vegan by Brad King, W. Gifford-Jones, MD, Dr. Whitaker, and our Preferred Nutrition line.  These lines are distinguished by their adherence to the highest standards of quality and convenience.  Dr. Whitaker products continue to be in high demand from thousands of loyal Canadian subscribers to his Health & Healing newsletters. Brad King, award winning formulator and best-selling author, continues to educate and help people with his Ultimate line of products. The Preferred Nutrition formulas provide a best-selling line for the treatment and maintenance of women’s and men’s health and include high quality products from UTI Drops and BioSil™.

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Please note that we are unable to give out any medical advice, diagnose or prescribe any treatment for any condition. Please consult your Health Care Practitioner for questions of this type.