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“Magnesium bisglycinate is an amino acid chelate form of magnesium that is not dependent on stomach acid for absorption making it highly bioavailable and well tolerated. As an essential mineral responsible for over 300 reactions in the body, I recommend MagSense for my patients complaining of restless legs, muscle cramping, impaired nerve transmission, and to help support healthy bones and overall improved energy and well being.”

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Coconut oil contains lauric acid which is a medium chain fatty acid. This acid is responsible for the many health benefits associated with coconut oil. The only other abundant source of lauric acid in nature is found in mother’s breast milk. Some experts claim that coconut oil is the “healthiest oil on earth”. Continue reading

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If you are like me and most of the women I know you may have tried some form of meditation only to feel like a total failure. You have likely found it hard to quiet your mind as it races and reminds you of all the things you should be doing other than sitting quietly and focusing on your breath. Continue reading

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