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5 Simple Strategies to Help Curb Your Appetite

This month some sure-fire tips to stave off a case of the munchies. Want to lose weight successfully without fads? Read Dr. Ludo’s great advice below for five great tips on keeping it simple.

If you want to lose weight, the key is to control your appetite. Constantly battling your hunger becomes exhausting and will most likely turn out to be unsustainable. Implementing strategies to help you control your appetite is therefore essential in order to successfully decrease your caloric intake and lose weight.

Here are some simple and proven strategies when it comes to controlling your appetite:

  • Drink more water – If you are thirsty, you are more likely to feel hungry. Making sure that you stay hydrated throughout the day is an easy way to help prevent false hunger. Studies also show that drinking water before a meal also decreases food intake.[i]
  • Do not skip breakfast – Research shows that if you skip breakfast you will eat more calories throughout the day.  Eating breakfast will help you feel fuller longer which will help improve your energy levels while helping you maintain a healthy weight. [ii]
  • Eat more protein – Protein has a major effect on appetite. Eating more protein will make you feel fuller longer and will help you decrease your daily caloric intake. This is one of the reasons why high fibre diets work well when it comes to weight loss. [iii]
  • Have some protein with breakfast – Research shows that eating more protein with breakfast is particularly important. For example, researchers have reported that eating eggs with breakfast versus eating a meal high in carbohydrates is more likely to lead to weight loss, increase energy levels, reduce waist circumference measurements and does not raise blood cholesterol levels.[iv]
  • Increase your fibre consumption – Research has shown that the consumption of fibre is associated with a lower body weight.  This makes sense given that fibre has been shown to make us feel fuller and to lower food intake. It is not surprising that studies show that high fibre consumption offers protection from obesity and type 2 diabetes.[v]


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