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Energy – The Key to Everything

This month expert Brad King discusses the connection energy has to our metabolism and how our thyroid gland relates to this. Most people without “clinical” thyroid conditions still may be borderline. Feel free to ask your healthcare provider for your actual thyroid level and do your research to see if supplementation may be right for you!

Whenever someone mentions energy—in terms of the human body—most think about metabolic stimulants like caffeine. All metabolic stimulants do for your body is borrow energy from your very own adrenal system, in the form of stress. The real energy lies deep within each and every cell, called the mitochondria.

Mitochondria make energy from the nutrients you consume and the oxygen you breathe, ultimately forming a substance called ATP, which is responsible for close tom 95 percent of everything you’re able to do in a 24 hour period.

But at the center of all that natural energy is a control station called the thyroid gland. Your thyroid gland, which is located in the front of the neck (attached to the lower part of the voice box or larynx), is really the master controller of your metabolism. With the aid of its specialized hormones—thyroxin (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3), this gland is responsible for controlling how much energy each and every cell that runs your body is able to produce.

93% of the hormones produced by the thyroid are in the form of the relatively inactive T4 hormone. In order to allow your metabolism to run at peak efficiency, these hormones must be converted into the much more metabolically active T3 hormone.

Aside from the fact that many dieters lose too much muscle mass, one of the reasons most diets fail—especially the excessively low calorie ones—is due to a drop in this hormone conversion, which ultimately leads to a slow-down in overall metabolism (not to mention rebound weight gain).

It is the thyroid hormones’ ability to readily convert into the metabolically active T3 hormone that fires up your metabolism and makes you feel alive! Unfortunately, many people—especially women—experience a glitch in the machine when it comes to their ability to produce sufficient quantities of T3.

The great majority of metabolically active T3 is produced outside of the thyroid gland, within the liver (and to a lesser extent the kidneys). This can pose a problem in today’s day and age due to the never ending job the liver has when it comes to keeping our systems clean (the liver is your body’s major detoxification organ). For instance, numerous toxins, excess hormones and/or high fat/high sugar meals can greatly burden the liver’s activities, thereby reducing its ability to produce sufficient quantities of T3.

Many people also experience a dysfunctional thyroid gland with age, leading to lower and lower levels of T3. Research also indicates that many people experience a decline in the conversion of T4 to active T3 with advancing age.

For all of these reasons and more, anyone wanting to experience optimal energy for as long as possible should always support both liver and thyroid health. This is why the combination of Ultimate Thyroid Control and Her Energy or Male Energy works so well.

The proprietary complex within Ultimate Thyroid Control works to enhance both T4 levels as well as their conversion to T3, and the Her Energy and Male Energy formulas work to establish a stronger detoxification system. This one-two punch has been shown to be highly effective in helping people create a healthier thyroid system, and therefore a stronger metabolism.

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