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Kick these 6 bad habits…

I know it’s early yet, but shortly we will all be focussing on our New Year’s Resolutions. If you’re one who attempts to make intentional and real change at the start of each year, and you want to improve the beauty and quality of your skin, then perhaps the great advice offered by our good friends at BioSil USA will help you achieve your goals, at least as far as your body’s largest organ is concerned. Our skin gets a lot of attention, especially as we age. But perhaps it’s getting the wrong KIND of attention. Maybe a habit we break is to let go of years of doing our skin a disservice or three. Please read on for this wonderful advice. 

Add this 1 good habit…Your skin will thank you!

You’re reading this blog, so I’m guessing you’ve read 100 more on how to get better skin. Right?   That great!  You’re searching for answers by researching expert opinions.  Trouble is, many “experts” have an agenda – that is to get you to buy their products.  Well, the truth starts here!   I’m  giving you 6 “seemingly innocent” bad habits to kick, and giving you one clinically proven habit to follow so you’ll have the smooth, glowing, healthy-looking skin you want. First, get rid of these bad boys….     

1. Kick It Out:  Exfoliating too much or too much anti-aging product There’s no magic cream that you can apply to your skin.   And as you’ll see in a moment, genuine healthy-looking, glowing, moisture drenched skin starts from within.  Just so you know, exfoliants contain compounds such as saliclic acids, glycolic acids and retinols. These bad dudes, when used too often, cause redness and irritation.   Same with sonic cleansing  systems and grainy scrubs. Having said that, exfoliating once a week is fine.   It helps  get rid of the small amounts of dry skin on the surface.

2.  Kick It Out:  Touching your face with your hands We all have little nervous habits.  Most of them we do without even realizing what we’re doing.   Here’s a big no-no:   Picking at your face.    Wouldn’t it be interesting to see a 16 hour movie of yourself from the time you get up to the time you go to bed.   I’ll bet your hands are on your face more often that you think.   Also, look out for leaning on the hands…it spreads bacteria which can cause infection . Especially a problem if you have acne already.

3. Kick It Out:  Using Toner “Toners” mean a lot of things to different people. Traditional toners consist of moisturizers, oils and extracts that claim to help soothe.  Astringents, which are generally alcohol-based, are supposed to tighten the skin and pores and remove oil.  Fresheners also claim tighten skin, but they are made of ingredients like caffeine and green tea instead of alcohol.  The reality is, as we’ll see in a moment, you can only tighten your skin from the inside out.  Here’s the harsh truth, most toners are too astringent, they  strip  your skin.

4.  Kick It Out:  Cleansing with soap I know, I know…  It sounds a bit nit-picky.  And I understand, using soap is easy – it stares up at you from the sink every night saying, “it’s late, you need your sleep, so  pick me up and you’ll have a clean face in seconds.”   The truth is, soap removes your natural skin oils, and it’s hard (perhaps impossible) to replace them even with moisturizer that just “sits on the surface” of your skin.  Warm water alone is enough to remove the dirt but keep your essential oils. But okay,  you can use soap on your body and hands, unless you’re a hand model!

5.  Kick It Out:  Popping Zits Okay, so it’s been a few years since you’ve  been a teenager (long with all the hormonal and emotional turbulance that comes with the territory), but we all get the occasional zit.  LEAVE IT ALONE!!!! Popping just forces the bacteria deeper into the skin, causing inflammation.  You are actually causing an injury to the skin , requiring more healing time and possibly even scarring. Just apply hot compresses to quicken its disappearance.

6.  Kick It Out: Not Wearing Sunscreen Are your eyes glazing over this section because you’ve heard it 1000 time before?  But seriously, wear sunscreen every day, even when it’s overcast. It’s the only scientifically proven way to preserve youthful skin.  Use at least SPF 30, every day, on face and neck.  Now let’s get to the scientifically proven way to create youthful skin…

 1.  Add It In:  BioSil -  Clinically Proven to Reduce Wrinkles and Increase Skin Elasticity

Remember in the beginning I told you the only way to create  youthful, healthy, smooth, glowing skin was from the inside out? Well, that’s a scientific fact.  And it all has to do with getting your body to generate (or re-generate) it’s lost collagen. Collagen is what “plumps” out your skin preventing wrinkles.  Collagen also gives you face elasticity or “bounce back.”   So every time you laugh or frown, it’s not forming a wrinkle or fine line.   What’s more, collagen is what gives your skin a healthy glow due to its it’s “Light Reflection Index” (LRI).   You see, collagen acts as mirrors, and when light reflects off of the dermal collagen and through your capillaries it creates radiance. Trouble is, collagen begins to decline after age 21.  By 30 the signs become visible.   Now here’s the good news.   BioSil is has been proven in double-blind, placebo-controlled randomized clinical trials to reduce fine line and wrinkles 30% and increase skin elasticity 89%.  What more BioSil’s collagen-generating properties also increases hair strength and thickness by 13%.  As wall as hair shine. But if you’re thinking about Googling “foods that contain collagen” or “pills, powders, or peptides made out of collagen – STOP! Understand, collagen is a protein. When you ingest collagen, as in the pills, powders and peptides,   your body breaks it down and uses it  as food.  It treats it as  chicken, fish, steak or any other protein.  The key is activating the enzymes that generate collagen. BioSil activates these enzymes so you gain collagen through your body’s natural collagen-generating pathways.  It’s collagen with your own DNA fingerprint!   Now if this sounds like a giant endorsement for BioSil – it is!!!  I love this product.  And by the way, you should check out the latest article in the New York Magazine called  “Secrets From Kim Kardashian’s Hairstylist.”  There, she flat out states… “I’m a BioSil Person!!!”

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