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When You Gotta Go – You Gotta Go

The great Harvard trained medical doctor, now turned syndicated medical columnist, Gifford Jones recently published an article on the very frustrating but often misunderstood condition of urinary incontinence or overactive bladder. Through my many years as a nurse I have witnessed too many seniors suffer from these kind of conditions with no real solutions other than those that carry many side-effects. According to recent research, overactive bladder is believed to affect 48% of women and 17% of men over age 70 and is associated with a sudden urge to urinate or sudden and sometimes constant leakage.

This is one of the primary reasons companies like Kimberly-Clark manufacture and sell millions of dollars worth of adult versions of diapers. Yes, products like Depends® can certainly help seniors live a more fulfilling life without having to run to the bathroom every five minutes, but do they actually fix the problem? Of course not!

Dr. Gifford Jones goes on to talk about a remedy for overactive bladder – an actual way to fix the problem. It turns out that a fraction of the common pumpkin seed (the water soluble fraction) has the ability to work right at the source and strengthen the bladder wall so much less urgency or leakage is experienced.

Now I have to admit, as a conventionally trained nurse I was pretty skeptical that the pumpkin I just carved for Halloween may have contained the magic elixir for millions of people around the globe, but after doing my due diligence and research, I am convinced that water-soluble pumpkin seed extract may indeed hold a lot of promise in this area.

It turns out that Japanese researchers discovered that water-soluble pumpkin seed extract has the ability—and this is in human research—to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles of the bladder by allowing more hormones to become available to the pelvic muscles and by increasing nitric oxide, which helps relax the bladder. Water-soluble pumpkin seed extract is even believed to help men who are experiencing bladder issues because of prostate problems.

The truth is that pumpkin seeds have a long history, in fact hundreds of years of use – dating back to 1578.  And Native American tribes have known about this urinary fix for even longer! Now before you start buying up all the pumpkins at your neighborhood supermarket, understand that almost all of those pumpkin seeds are fat-soluble—not water-soluble—and this even includes the majority of pumpkin seed formulas sold in our local health food stores.

Even though many people have noticed some bladder-related relief by using pumpkin seed oil products, according to new research, it is only the water-soluble portion of pumpkin seed that offers incredible and consistent results. A major reason for this is due to the efficiency in which water-soluble pumpkin seed is absorbed into the bloodstream.

After doing some further research, one of the only true water-soluble pumpkin seed brands available in Canada can be found under the brand Ultimate Bladder Control and it also happens to be the one Dr. Jones himself recommends! The product contains a 100% natural form of a patented water-soluble pumpkin seed, which has been clinically documented to be highly effective in alleviating the majority of urinary discomforts experienced by both genders.








For more information on Ultimate Bladder Control:



Written by:  Rebecca Keating, BScN, RN


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