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The Ultimate Fat Burner – By Brad King

A few years back I set out to design what was to ultimately become—at least in my professional opinion—the Ultimate fat burning supplement in terms of: 1) safety, 2) research and 3) results. The hardest part was I intended to accomplish this feat with no more than two active ingredients. This is the story of Ultimate Calorie Burn.

When I was writing my bestselling book Fat Wars many years ago, I came across some interesting research regarding the dreaded weight loss plateau – which is synonymous with people who diet (improperly) and lose body weight only to suddenly stop losing the weight and in some cases even start gaining again, despite their current fad-dieting efforts.

The reason for this is often due to the body—especially the brain—building up a resistance to letting go of its fat reserves. It’s almost as if the brain is concerned as to whether there is an actual famine (I call it excessive calorie restriction or fad dieting), in which case the intelligent thing to do would be to stop the leak in the body’s major fuel storage system – fat.

The brain accomplishes this by reducing a brain chemical called norepinephrine, which is paramount to a robust metabolism as it helps control the release of fatty acids within your 30 billion fat cells. Norepinephrine levels decline as we age, gain weight and especially go on a restricted diet. One study showed that norepinephrine levels can sometimes drop by 50 percent or more when people lose even 10% of their bodyweight.

What a lot of people are not aware of is how useful healthy elevated levels of norepinephrine can be to their continual fat-burning efforts. In fact this is one of the major ways the fat-burning powerhouse ephedrine works, by increasing levels of norepinephrine. But before you go loading up on ephedrine, know that with regular use you can actually cause destruction to your metabolism, so allow me to share some other safer options.

It turns out that if you can safely enhance norepinephrine levels, you can cause a significant boost in metabolism, mood and the number of fat calories used each day. And so my search for nutrients that could accomplish this began.

My research pulled up two incredible nutrients that aside from helping to make people feel fantastic would also help to safely raise norepinephrine levels, keep it elevated long enough to ensure fat release and show a significant documented burning of calories in the process. These two ingredients were:  1) Chocamine® and 2) Capsimax®.

A brief explanation of both:


Have you ever felt sad for no reason and wanted to just have a bite of chocolate?  This is because chocolate is known to improve one’s sense of well-being. It accomplishes this through its high levels of PEA, a naturally occurring ingredient in dark chocolate that is the same substance our brains use to improve mood, focus and concentration. Chocamine® is a patented and research-proven cocoa extract that contains high levels of PEA along with other naturally-occurring nutrients that can help us in our quest to burn away excess fat and feel fantastic while doing it.


Cayenne, the brutally spicy plant, has also been shown to increase metabolism in clinical research. In fact, the part of the plant that gives cayenne and other hot peppers their trademark bite, its capsaicinoids, dynamically influences metabolism. One study done in Japan showed that cayenne has the ability to both increase digestion of a meal and amplify the meal’s fat burning effects.

The amount of heat that peppers give off (and their subsequent ability to help incinerate body fat) are measured in Scoville Heat Units or SHU, with most cayenne measuring in at between 30,000 and 50,000 SHU. What separates the patented Capsimax® from other cayenne-type of supplements is the fact that it contains approximately 300,000 SHU, but its powerful metabolism-enhancing capsaicinoids are embedded in beadlets that prevent them from causing that horrible heartburn reaction that so many other cayenne supplements cause. It is this patented technology that has been shown in research to help people burn an extra 278 calories (with only 100 mgs – the amount found in one serving of Ultimate Calorie Burn).

With the powerful fat-burning and mind-enhancing combination of Chocamine® and Capsimax®, coupled with the nutrient-maximizer Bioperine® (also found in Ultimate Calorie Burn), people finally have a formula that not only contains patented and human research proven nutrients, but a formula that actually works in the real world!

If you are finally fed up with trying potentially harmful, high-caffeinated, adrenal exhausting fat-burners and are ready to take something safe and highly effective, then give Ultimate Calorie Burn a try, but mark my words, you’re in for a real treat!


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