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How to Activate Your Metabolism During the Holidays

Expert Brad King offers great advice for battling the inevitable holiday bulge! Great advice that I know I’ll be taking this season!

Ask almost anyone about the weight loss industry and they will tell you that when it comes to losing weight, all calories are created equal. This is a misleading statement, however, and many are misled by statements like this because this is the main assumption put forth by the medical establishment. After all, how many times have you heard about a doctor recommending the blanket: “eat less and exercise more!?”

Well according to the myriad research I outline in my new book Dirty Diets, it’s not so much the total amount of calories that count as where the majority of those calories are coming from.

Your metabolism takes cues from various hormones, which stimulate different enzymatic responses that ultimately create fat storage or fat release signals. These hormones are created from the foods you choose to chow down on throughout the day, and they can create the right or wrong signals for hours after you’ve eaten. Choose to eat the right foods, and you’ll be able to boost your body’s metabolism…the wrong ones and you may wish you had more spandex.

What makes those foods better or worse for metabolic success? Well, for one, if the food contains more fiber, it is more times than not lower in glycemic value. This means it helps to control the amount of insulin that’s released from the food, and anytime you control insulin, you give the body an easier time accessing fat. Also, certain foods take more work to eat and digest, making your body work harder to extract the various nutrients. This means your body can send fat release messages to your fat cells, all the while burning more calories through the digestive process. Even something as simple as chewing fibrous vegetables and lean meats can give your metabolism a 30 percent greater ability to burn fat.

Take a look at the 4 Easy-to-Follow Steps I’ve outlined for you to have an easier time activating your metabolism during this holiday season:

1)     Chew the crap out of your food

Take time to chew your food until the mass within your mouth is completely “mushified” (my word). Also, if you’re hungry, choose chewier foods like lean meats, nuts, and whole produce. The foods that have the greatest impact are those in a whole state, like apples instead of applesauce, or nuts instead of nut butter, and the higher the protein, the better the effect – high-protein foods take more effort to chew and more time to leave your stomach, which means you’ll eat more slowly and feel full sooner than with empty carbohydrates.

2)     FibreLean

Eat more fiber-rich foods like berries, vegetables, brown rice and sprouted grains, as these will take up more space in the stomach, leaving less room for seconds. They also tend to take more effort to chew and to burn, increasing the food’s thermic effect. And as mentioned above, they have the ability to positively affect the rate at which insulin is released, helping the body burn more fat.  Also try supplementing with organic fruit and vegetable fibers like those found in Ultimate FibreLean.

3)     Stimulate your metabolism—safely

Having a cup of dark organic coffee before you go out to another holiday party will help jump start your central nervous system, which carries over to your metabolism. Coffee and black tea include enough caffeine to ramp up your metabolism by 5-8 percent. Green tea has less caffeine, but it offers the benefit of catechins, an antioxidant that ups your resting metabolism by about 4 percent. Dark chocolate boasts of both caffeine and catechins, making it a sweet addition to any diet – but in moderation, of course, since it also has plenty of sugar and fat, which is why I much prefer my Ultimate Calorie Burn, with small amounts of natural caffeine as well as all the metabolism boosting goodies found in only the darkest of chocolate, but without the calories, fat or sugar. Try a couple of Ultimate Calorie Burn instead of coffee and see how quickly it can help you feel fantastic and focused.

4)     Spice things up

Using spices like cayenne peppers, cinnamon, cloves, garlic, and ginger add tons of flavor to any meal, but also include phytonutrients that boost the body’s metabolism quite nicely. For instance, capsaicin, the chemical that provides peppers’ heat, has been found to double a dieter’s energy expenditure for several hours after eating. This is one of the reasons my Ultimate Calorie Burn with the ingredient Capsimax®, has been shown to help the body burn close to an extra 300 calories. Adding these spices will fully activate the calories from all of those chewy, hearty, and energizing foods you’re consuming.

So instead of becoming yet another victim to the holiday weight gain curse, why not follow some of this advice and maintain what you have or even lose a pound during this holiday season. Now how good would that feel?


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