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Green Tea & Alzheimer’s and Dementia

New to the Preferred Nutrition blog each month – Linda Woolven and Ted Snider, who have been writing and producing The Natural Path newsletter for seventeen years. This month they discuss how Green Tea can help lower the risk of dementia.

Two just released studies reveal the exciting news that green tea can help fight Alzheimer’s Disease and other memory problems associated with old age. . . .

The first is a large study of 732 people over the age of sixty that found that drinking green tea is associated with less dementia and mild cognitive impairment. The study found that drinking green tea every day is associated with a 74% decrease in the risk of dementia and a 68% decrease in the risk of mild cognitive impairment compared to not drinking green tea (PLoS One 2014;9:e96013.doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0096013).

The second study gave 2 grams of green tea leaf powder a day to 12 people with Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia or mild cognitive impairment for three months. The green tea was standardized for 227mg of catechins and 42mg of theanine. That amount of green tea supplement is equal to drinking about two to four cups of green tea a day. The green tea significantly improved total dementia scores and short term memory scores (Nutrients 2014;6:4032-42).

Combined, these two studies show that green tea can both prevent Alzheimer’s and other age related memory impairments and help if you already suffer from them.

For more great health tips and information, please visit The Natural Path website:



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