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Christie Brinkley has been writing some blogs for BioSil USA, so we thought we would do a repost today for our Canadian readers. Christie has been really vocal about her choice to use BioSil and all the advantages she sees … Continue reading

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This month our friend Dr. Marita gives sage advice for fighting seasonal allergies, an all-too prevalent condition most Canadians face. Read on to learn how you can combat the sneezes and itches of this time of year: We were fortunate … Continue reading

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Last month from September 21-28, Canada recognized the largest annual celebration of organic food, farming and products across the country.  This annual event is an excellent opportunity to learn about organic agriculture and its positive impact on the environment and … Continue reading

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Mood and food are intimately related as certain flavours and aromas trigger memories of special occasions and feelings of contentment. All emotions including stress and anxiety trigger chemical responses in our body as hormone levels fluctuate and the sympathetic “fight or flight” system kicks in. With each meal, we have the opportunity to counteract or subdue the stress response with the foods we choose. Continue reading

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During the Tang dynasty circa 800 AD, there was a Buddhist temple that was covered with goji vines. Over the years, countless berries fell into the well that supplied water to the monks who lived and prayed at the temple. These monks became famous because into their old age – well beyond 80 years old – they maintained full black heads of hair, lost no teeth and exuded the glow of good health in their faces. According to Earl Mindell, who, centuries later, documented the remarkable longevity and health of the Tang monks, one man even lived to be 252 years old! How has this accomplished? By the daily consumption of goji berries. Continue reading

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Though there’s still no firm consensus on the exact definition of a superfood, nutritionists generally agree that foods with higher than usual antioxidant, fibre or essential fatty acid content can be called superfoods. To fully understand what makes a food super, let’s look at each of these components separately. Continue reading

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Let’s all let out a big sigh for acai (ay-sigh-ee) berries! Grown only in the heart of the rainforests of Central and South America, these berries have the potential to decrease risk of heart attacks, stroke, cancer, Alzheimer’s and even … Continue reading

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